Making simulation accessible

The world of medical simulation can be an expensive place as many new sim manikins can cost in upwards of $20,000 and time in a sim lab can also be pricey. These high quality manikins can really do some amazing things with ultra-high fidelity, however, this isn’t accessible to everyone. In the pre-hospital setting, allocating large sums of money to simulation isn’t always a reasonable idea especially if some training will occur in-situ. The most recent simulation session conducted by ARHT occurred at Brown’s island, a short 8 minute helicopter ride out of Auckland. You can imagine that bringing expensive manikins to a remote island for an in-situ simulation retrieval exercise may not be financially wise especially since accidentally dropping one into the water or falling from the helicopter would be analogous to buying a new car then lighting it on fire. Doesn’t make much sense.

Luckily for us, the advent of new technology along with some older but innovative budget technology enabled us to recreate a scenario in a remote location with excellent fidelity. Thanks to Dr. Sam Bendall for her expertise, she introduced us to these options. We recreated live monitors using the app SimMon – via Bluetooth this app links your iPhone with your iPad. You can then adjust vital signs on your iPhone while those in the scenario use the iPad as their monitor.

Amazing app (for less than $15 Cdn) that links your iPhone with your iPad via Bluetooth

Then to recreate veins Sam rigged up a great IV system that would enable cannulation and administration of drugs. Awesome work! If anyone has any feedback or other ways they’ve made sim accessible I would love to hear about it.

A cheap way of rigging up a sim-man for an IV infusion. Empty out the 1L bag and it can be used to contain any drugs/fluids administered. The “vein” can also be cannulated. A great cheap way of improving your fidelity!

2 thoughts on “Making simulation accessible

  1. buddy,

    great blog! thanks for the SimMon recommendation — just downloaded it for use in our emergency department’s in situ sim sessions.

    keep it coming …


    • Awesome! thanks for checking it out! let me know how SimMon works for you. we had great success and super easy to use. hoping to keep the posts coming a few times per week.

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