Surf Rescue Videos

Just put together my first iMovie! This is an edited clip from part of the rock swim at Muriwai that we did with the Surf Rescue Life Guards last week.

At the beginning of the clip you’ll see the video pan over to a large hole in the rocks, known as the blowhole. This has been the site of several rescues recently where the team has winched down to rescue people that fall in. As you can imagine it could get a little hectic. Luckily when we were there the waves we’re relatively calm. But even climbing out once after you jump in can be tough – I learned this the hard way. You’ll see me jump in (wearing the blue & black wetsuit)…pretty much the tallest and lankiest guy there. I didn’t get out successfully the first time but I did completely shred my hands. They continued to bleed for the rest of the swim. After we all got out, we walked around the point and did the most advanced part of the swim. Unfortunately I dont have footage, but it was pretty wild, you swim like an idiot then body surf through this cave.

Also, I re-posted this video of the static line rescues that we were doing. Amazing opportunity to jump out of the helicopters into the ocean, get lifted by a 50ft static line and brought to shore!

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