Low cost SimMan having a seizure!!!

Part of the great thing about simulation is the creativity that can be had while organizing and planning scenarios. Often we’re restricted only by our imaginations (though a small stash of cash is generally quite helpful!).

So this past week as I was designing an out-of-hospital scenario that involved a seizing patient (status epilepticus) I spent some time looking into how I could recreate a seizure in a low-fidelity SimMan. For anyone that has spent time doing simulation, the importance of recreating realism can’t be overstated. It doesn’t necessarily need to be high-fidelity but it should allow the learner to feel like they’re actually in the situation.

I did some research and found one place (www.simactiononline.com) that sells a device called SimSeize that recreates seizures. While it looks great, it was going to run me about $5000 which is slightly outside of my annual operating budget (approximately $50 NZD…or $40 CDN). For anyone is interested, check out their site.  So borrowing from the idea of having the shaking occur under the patient, I developed a slightly lower tech version which I’ve included in the video below. My apologies that the audio is a little distant, but just turn it up full. I’m thinking about patenting it and feel because it’s for medical simulation, it’s probably worth upwards of $300…maybe more!

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