The most recent simulation session I ran at ARHT. We’ve been quite successful with great participation from our crew. Awesome day!

Auckland HEMS

This week we ran an in-situ simulation with our duty crew (crewman, paramedic and doctor). We had great participation in a challenging scenario of massive hemorrhage in a blunt trauma patient.

As our simulation experience continues to grow we are always trialling new things. This past week we integrated several techniques that helped enhance the scenarios fidelity.

The scenario was a patient who had fallen off his motorbike at highspeed. There was a paramedic already on scene when our team arrived. The patient was in shock: BP 95/60, 130bpm, RR 28, 87% on room air, GCS 15.

Here’s a brief outline of what we did and why!

  • In-situ simulation: Make the most of the availability of your team. On the job training during a work day is a great way of maximizing educational opportunities. It doesn’t require that people come in on their day off and they still get…

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