Paper tigers – not quite ready to be tamed? by: Ken Locke

Fascinating reflection on the utility (or lackthereof) of moving away from paper-based learning in medical education. This post summarizes a session at CCME 2013 (Canadian Conference for Medical Education). While I didn’t attend it, I read this post and thought it provided a thoughtful summary.


Saturday April 20, 2013

Blogger: Ken Locke, Director, Transition to Residency Program and UME Faculty Lead for Portfolios
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

The ‘Faculty Perspective’ Post

I spent Saturday afternoon at a very engaging session at CCME 2013 entitled “Taming the Paper Tiger: Transitioning to a Mobile Curriculum”. This was a very well attended and fast-paced session focused on how medical schools may (or may not) be moving their learning materials out of the traditionally distributed bundles of printed pages, and into digital formats that students access from mobile devices, amongst other means.

Chaired by David Lampron from UBC, this was a symposium put on by 3 faculty members and one medical student, from 4 different institutions, each of which had a different perspective on this issue. The collected tweets from this presentation can be found under the hashtag #papertiger, or at Storify

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