The Australian response to gun violence…less is more

This week, Annals of Internal Medicine published a well written editorial about how Australia has managed to significantly reduce gun violence with a nod to the measures it took back in 1996. It’s unfortunate the physician base within the US hasn’t been more vocal to advocate on behalf of patient safety or even prevention. The attempt to combat gun violence with more guns (and arming more people) doesn’t seem to be working. It would be awesome to see stronger advocacy from a well organized group of physicians who have the ability to exert considerable influence. Until US physicians advocate more vocally, it appears to be an opportunity lost.


Recent JAMA editorial “Silencing the Science on Gun Research”

While I don’t usually use this blog for political viewpoints, I did want to share this remarkable editorial regarding the gun lobby and medical research.

If you have been at all following the unimaginable tragedy that occurred recently in Newtown, Conn then this article in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) is worth the read. It highlights how even the medical community has been suppressed by the powerful gun lobby. If only there was such a coordinated effort for more noble causes like an HIV vaccine, solving global poverty or world peace.